Videos and data




Svend-Erik Nielsen farm with 400 Jersey cows milked by 6 DeLaval VMS in Denmark.                         Video 1


Morten Nielsen has a farm with 3 DeLaval VMS with central feed alley milking 190 cows in Denmark.Video 2


Swedish farmer Marcus Kraft explains how he manages his 220 cow barn with 3 DeLaval VMS.        Video 3   


Doyle Waybright from Mason Dixon Farms, Pennsylvania USA shares his experience milking 575      

 cows with 10 DeLaval VMS over the last 4 years.                                                                                       Video 4


Josiah Garber relates his experience at Spring Lawn Farm, Pennsylvania USA with 4 DeLaval

VMS milking 230 registered Holstein cows.                                                                                                 Video 5