DeLaval DelPro™ MU480

Portable milking unit equipped for two way communication with the DeLaval dairy management software. This ensures milking data is sent and milker warnings are received, saving time and avoiding costly mistakes. Smart ID predicts the cow number based on previous milking routines. This speeds up milking and encourages consistent routines. ICAR approved milk meter, for internationally approved accuracy in registering milk yield.  Daily milk yield records facilitate feeding and breeding management. Approved for ICAR milk sampling. This means that milk samples can easily be taken and tested whenever necessary. Main lamp indicator is extremely visible, providing clear information on milking and signals to warn of problems. Light weight, extremely portable, can be carried with one hand and can speed through the barn on a mobile carrier rail. Easy to use for stanchion milking, based on a proven design for reliability. Flexible, DeLaval DelPro MU480 operates with a range of clusters, including clusters specifically for high yielding, high peak cows, so you can choose the cluster most suitable for your herd


DeLaval milking unit MU350

In this system the milkflow controls vacuum level, pulsation and take-off functions. Starting at a low vacuum level with reverse pulsation, the unit gently stimulates milk let-down before switching to the main milking phase once flow begins. When flow has reduced, the take-off is initiated to reduce the risk of over-milking and mastitis. Milk yield, milk flow and milking time are all indicated in the DeLaval milking unit MU350 display window. This information can be used as a base for herd management. A sudden reduction in the milk yield can, for example, indicate health problems or if the animal is in heat.


DeLaval Carrier Rail

DeLaval carrier rail system enables milkers to efficiently work throughout the barn, without physically carrying milking units and supplies. It is an ergonomical investment that can also be used for chores like moving milk buckets to the calves.